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Oct 7th Terrorist Attack - Be Vigilant. Be Prepared.

The October 7th barbaric terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel is no doubt a preview of things to come here. Oath Keepers USA stands with Israel as it carries out it’s mission to eradicate the perpetrators of such loathsome evil.

 Given the broadening Israeli-Hamas conflict and subsequent calls for worldwide Jihad, there exists a very real threat to the safety of Americans here and abroad. We should not be surprised given the terrorist attacks of September 11th 22 years ago. The widespread and openly aggressive pro-Hamas/pro-terrorist/anti-America/anti-Israel demonstrations filling our city streets, college campuses and Washington should serve as stark reminders that enemies are in our midst. We acknowledge that most people want to live in peace with each other. We, also, know some don’t. It is because of the evil, hateful and warped that we must be vigilant and prepared.

 Politically motivated immigration policies have continued to dramatically erode domestic safety. Amongst the worsening flood of illegal aliens, known terrorists and foreign operatives have been identified crossing into our border states. They are not coming to vacation. They are not coming to seek a better life nor to assimilate. They are coming to enjoy the freedoms the Constitution safeguards for Americans in order to set up their terrorist shops. Their intent is destabilization and “Death to America” by inflicting pain and destruction on the innocent.

 Our message: Be vigilant. Be prepared. Local law enforcement can only do so much. It is the American citizen who is in the best position to thwart and effectively help in the early stages of a terrorist attack. Join your local CERT team (Community Emergency Response Team; see Purchase a firearm and get trained on its use. Have food and water in storage. Develop a family and neighborhood emergency plan. These suggestions are not based on delusional paranoia. We have been hit before and are currently at high risk of the same. It is the responsibility of every American to do their part against all enemies, foreign and domestic. As Oath Keepers USA, we refuse to hand our beloved country over to violent groups or tyrannical self-interested politicians. As is our policy with other violent groups like ANTIFA and BLM, we will defend our people, our communities, our Country, our Constitution, and ourselves. Join our ranks and help us prepare, train and support each other for the unimaginable… and inevitable.

 Board of Directors – Oath Keepers USA

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