By Joe Hoft Mar. 31, 2023

The corrupt Attorney General of the Biden Administration remains in hiding after his corrupt DOJ indicted President Trump on bogus charges in New York showing his cowardice and corruption.

President Trump became the first President ever indicted on a crime in US history yesterday.  The corrupt actors behind the sham are in hiding, including the head of the Department of Justice, Merrick Garland.

Last night it was announced that President Trump is being indicted on bogus charges in a corrupt court in New York.  The city is going to hell with crime skyrocketing but the corrupt DA Alvin Bragg spends his time on indicting President Trump on made up garbage charges.

Attorney Mike Davis shared his thoughts on the bogus crimes brought by DA Bragg.  On Thursday, Davis explained what was going on with the Bragg case against President Trump.

It Is completely bogus. It’s a bogus charge that he’s binging. It’s laughable and it’s actually going to backfire spectacularly both in court and politically for Bragg.

This may make Bragg a hero among the limousine liberals in Manhattan but this is really going to damage the Democrat Party because Alvin Braggs is going to do the impossible here.

Listen to his observations from a legal point of view at the War Room.

The Head of the DOJ has yet to comment on his team’s actions.  Attorney General Garland remains in hiding.

What disgusting and cowardly people this DOJ is being led by.  They are overtly corrupt putting innocent Americans in jail for years without crimes or court dates.  Now they indict a President on BS charges.  Disgusting.

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