By Mike Miller | 2:25 PM on June 01, 2024

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In this episode of Who Knew?…

Seriously, who’d a thunk that Utah Senator Mitt Romney, of all Trump-loathing people, would blast the trial and 34 felony convictions of the former president? We live in strange political times indeed.

Romney issued a statement on Saturday morning in which he said Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg committed “political malpractice” in his pursuance of former President Donald Trump:

Bragg should have settled the case against Trump, as would have been the normal procedure. But he made a political decision. Bragg may have won the battle, for now, but he may have lost the political war.

And he didn’t stop, there.

Romney was right, of course, but here’s the thing. When your brain is riddled with Trump Derangement Syndrome, your ability to distinguish between right and wrong — justice and injustice —is gone. So the mere fact that even Mitt Romney gets that should be a red flare to the Democrat Party and their surrogate media. But it’s not, which, I think, will be a “yuge” win for Republicans in November.

But let’s not be confused.

Romney has previously said Joe Biden [I still can’t believe that box of rocks is president of the United States] made a mistake by not pardoning Trump, telling MSNBC in mid-May:

You may disagree with this, but had I been President Biden, when the Justice Department brought on indictments, I would have immediately pardoned him.

I’d have pardoned President Trump. Why? Well, because it makes me, ‘President Biden,’ the big guy and the person I pardoned a little guy.

Look, call it a canary in a coal mine or a rosebush on the perimeter of a vineyard in the south of France alerting a vintner of an infiltration of a possible disease, but Mitt Romney — Mitt Romney — was right.

To be clear, Romney isn’t the Lone Ranger. As we reported earlier on Saturday, even some Hollywooders have thrown politically deviant Joe Biden under the bus for his disgusting  comments and sophomoric grinning about the Trump verdict. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson nailed it:

The endorsement that I made years ago with Biden was what I thought was the best decision for me at that time. Am I going to do that again this year? That answer’s no. I’m not going to do that. Because what I realized what that caused back then was something that tears me up in my guts back then and now, which is division. And that got me.

Could it be clearer? The answer is NO.

Gang, while I’m often damn demonstrable in print, I don’t tend to demonstrably demonstrate my political beliefs, meaning I don’t participate in protests, put signs in my yard, and such. While it is not a big deal (LOL), this morning I changed my banner image on social media to an upside-down flag. I know, right?

The Bottom Line  

Mitt Romney is irrelevant. His comments about the sham trial were not. Crossing the Rubicon is profound.