Forwarded from MAGA Today
  1. VERIFY/CHECK before spreading! Truth is the most precious thing, keep it clean.
  2. Forget your EGO/EMOTIONS. Truth doesn’t care: Truth hurts.
  3. Start with establishing FACTS: WHAT/WHERE/WHEN? Then, look for actors: WHO? Only LATER: reasons and explanations (WHY?/HOW?). Most disinfo agents target insecure truthers by moving immediately to “why?”. NO. Stay calm, establish as much baseline fact as possible. WHY is NOT important: THEY decide THEIR rules.
  4. Use EYES, EARS, SIMPLE LOGIC. Simple facts destroy the most complicated lies. Truth requires few words. Lies need libaries.
  5. ANY group spreading #Truth WILL be targeted by agents trying to poison the Truth, destroy group cohesion and credibility, AKA “Poisoning of the well.” People don’t want to be associated with liars and lunatics. THEY will try to make YOU look crazy, but also their OWN “Controlled Opposition” agents. The “tinfoil hat”/”conspiracy theory” campaign is effective: the sheeple have built up natural defenses against what they don’t know ridicule.
  6. THEY know/accept that smart minds WILL connect with Truth every generation (a NEO). My theory is THEY are envious of people who managed to find out Truth against all odds. However, Truth is too important to get spread wider, so THEY WILL find ways to manage it on micro, but more importantly, macro level. A single truther doesn’t matter, but mass awakening MUST be prevented, guided, controlled, through agents and half-truths (lies). The goal is to make the fake-awake feel like they know the truth, while they don’t. This is the purpose of Q, Assange, Snowden, and other “limited hangout”.
  7. Truthers using real names are rare because of repercussions that Truthing has. Truth is generally not accepted by your friends, family, or your employer: it’s too uncomfortable to be associated with publicly. ONLY “Controlled Oppposition” folks from elite families can easily play the “tinfoil hat” guy in public. They have nothing to lose: they’re VIP already. “Verified accounts” you should trust the LEAST.
  8. Every so called or self-proclaimed “Truther”, must have or develop the ability to discern Truth from disinformation. This is a basic skill and principle: discernment, truth or lie should be applied to ALL information presented to you, and ALL parts and pieces of that information, whether you buy into the general principle/message of that information or not. You can NEVER ASSUME. EVER. You can NEVER accept one part and then automatically the whole, because THAT is how they sell LIES. By packaging it in a 90% truth wrapping.
Discernment does not come fully natural, this can only be honed and perfected by exposing yourself to new information, truthful and deceitful, learning to recognize facts from fiction. This is a very subtle, but extremely powerful and important skill. As MY tutor who took me under his win